Whatcom: Chronic & Acute Up Close

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You don’t own your digital healthcare data and so you (the patient) cannot dictate who can receive it. Instead of negotiating with you about your digital healthcare data, the recipient you choose must negotiate for your data with the hospital that owns your data and its co-owner, the Information Technology (IT) company that provides the hospital’s electronic health records (EHR) software.

In Whatcom County, that means PeaceHealth’s St. Joseph hospital and Epic System, which provides St. Joseph’s EHR software.

No doubt, PeaceHealth would cite HIPAA rules and protecting patient privacy, but it is you, the patient, directing the release. So who owns you healthcare data?

“You don’t,” says Mike Gillam, MD in his article about Athena Health’s failed efforts to obtain patient healthcare data for research into care coordination and electronic health record cloud services.

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