Them Vs. Us

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At every step in treatment providers with more time, money and resources outnumber caregivers and patients.

The following is a partial list of healthcare providers and functions that must be dealt with for the duration of care and treatment.

  1. Doctors
  2. Nurses
  3. Technicians
  4. Nurse Practitioners
  5. Social Workers
  6. Hospice Representatives
  7. Aides
  8. Receptionists
  9. Records Clerks
  10. Administrators
  11. Therapists
  12. Counselors
  13. Imaging Specialist
  14. Supervisors
  15. Financial Services
  16. Billing
  17. Dietician
  18. Volunteers
  19. Ambulance Service
  20. Emergency Room
  21. Intensive Care
  22. General Care
  23. Admissions
  24. Discharge
  25. Inpatient Admittance
  26. Outpatients Processing
  27. Attendants
  28. Chaplains
  29. Sick Room Supply
  30. Radiology
  31. Laboratory
  32. In-home Care

Now, imagine confronting this army with a dispute, complaint or question when your treatment is not routine or is substandard. Without a care manager, you have little chance of success.

Next, consider what is required to keep up with this army for weeks, months or years of care and treatment.

A Thought

Health insurers view drugs as pharmacy benefits requiring cost management, not as life-saving medication for treating a patient’s disease. How do you want your prescription handled; as a benefit or medicine.

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