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Rogues Gallery of Doctors

Allan Pinkerton of detective fame devised the first Rogues Gallery in 1855. It was a compilation of descriptions, methods of operation, hiding places and names of criminals and their associates. My rogues’ gallery doesn’t feature criminals but rather a collection… Continue reading

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Abandoned By Your Pharmacy

When I called my pharmacy to refill my blood pressure medication prescription a live person answered. I was so startled I blurted out, “Why are you answering the phone?”

I had autodialed the familiar voicemail phone number for prescription refills at the pharmacy I had patronized for the past eight years.

My beloved pharmacy (because it had […]

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Caregiving. Who’s To Say What It Is?

The American Cancer Society’s descriptions of caregiving tasks were, I recently found, little more than what one might do for someone with the flu. This discrepancy made me reexamine my own caregiving tasks when caring for my wife, who eventually died from terminal brain cancer.

For example, at the Society provided two lists of […]

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Health Insurance Doesn’t Travel Well


Seriously ill people must take their health insurance with them when they travel. But not all health insurance is portable and so continuing care and treatment away from home can be difficult.

Patients may have a bucket list to fulfill or be seeking alternative treatment or want to visit loved ones.  For […]

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Understanding Healthcare Benefits

Will your healthcare benefits take care of you?

Not if you don’t understand how to use them or how they function.

Take for instance the Public Employee Benefit Board (PEBB). Not even Washington State’s Office of the Insurance Commissioner or its Health Care Authority can explain it. The situation is so bad that the Insurance Commissioner’s Statewide […]

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The Gaping Hole In Acute Treatment


Nowadays, when you wake up dying, it may take months or years to reach the end of life.  Dying today can be costly in every way.

“Improvements in medical science and healthcare have gradually changed the nature of dying.  Death is no longer predominately likely to be the sudden result of […]

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Healthcare Providers – Good, Bad and Ugly

Providers can be defined as everyone working within the healthcare system. They are all of those who, in some fashion, are in the business or profession of providing care to a patient. Providers include state and county government, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, medical care management companies (such as PeaceHealth in Washington) and […]