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Since 1889, But Where Is It Now?

Finding the Whatcom County Medical Society

From the 19th century to the 21st century things have changed drastically. Though executive director April Montiel professes that the medical society relies on email for communication, it doesn’t seem to have mastered the Internet yet.

Currently, depending on where and how you search online (I’m exclusively Google) the following is […]

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My FCN Lab Experience

My first visit to my primary healthcare provider’s medical lab for a blood test was a farce, worthy of the Monty Python gang: chaos, confusion, mismanagement and hypocrisy. Of these faults, hypocrisy was the most offensive.

The largest clinic and second largest medical facility in Whatcom County is Family Care Network (FCN), my primary healthcare provider. […]

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Suicide Watch

Prescribing Suicidal Thoughts

Even before my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2009, my primary care doctor prescribed Prozac for me and then periodically ask me whether I had suicidal thoughts. I thought that was strange and wondered whether I was displaying some behavior that made me suspect. After 2009 I was asked more often […]

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Data Scale

For six years I took Pravastatin for high cholesterol, but my cholesterol level remained the same. When I began feeling terrible all over all the time with flu-like symptoms, I remembered the side effects of statins: muscular pain, tiredness and weakness. I was reminded that the drug was recommended for patients with multiple risk factors […]

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Whose Colon Is This Anyway?

Colonoscopy: Whose Colon Is This Anyway

For years I declined the colonoscopy my doctor recommended, but I never explained why because it would detract from the purpose of my current appointment. My choice for colorectal cancer screening was an annual fecal occult blood test. What annoyed me was that I had to request this test every […]

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Back MRI

No News Is Not Good News

An orthopedic surgeon who operated on my back in August 2011 ordered a follow up MRI at the same time I was getting a left hip MRI to see if I had a hip joint fracture.

When I met with him he said the MRI of my hip showed I had […]