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Healthcare CV

Healthcare System Experience includes the following:

  • Writing and publishing Waking Up Dying: Caregiving When There Is No Tomorrow.
  • Continuously advocating healthcare reform in Whatcom County and Washington State since February 2011.
  • Participating in WAHA end-of-life planning programs.
  • Volunteering with PeaceHealth’s Patient Advisory Board.
  • Attending consecutive annual Palliative Care Initiative events.
  • Meeting monthly with Death Café attendees since September 2014.
  • Regularly attending GLI(oblastoma cancer) Club for three years.
  • Attending many city, county and state healthcare meetings and seminars.
  • Blogging at about Whatcom County and Washington State healthcare.
  • Writing Whatcom Watch’s healthcare column Whatcom: Chronic & Acute.
  • Cofounding of the Bellingham Brain Cancer Walk now in its fifth year.
  • Speaking at brain cancer caregiver and patients support groups.
  • Being a pubic plaintiff to Washington State Health Department.
  • Corresponding with Washington State Medical Association and Association of Washington State Osteopathic Doctors Association.



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